Laini Technologies was founded to provide innovative software solutions to meet the changing business demands of enterprises. Today we create software for Payroll processing, Stock control, Fleet management, Human resources and administration amongst a host of other applications. With the need to rely on accurate information, the acquisition of specific software solutions to provide this information for each organization is as vital as the use of computer systems to achieve this end.

In an industry where many hastily formed companies have thrust unproven products onto unsuspecting organizations, Laini Technologies has been keen to provide the East African region with effective Management Information System tools. Our vision of the future is to continue to provide industry-wide solutions to enable large, mid and small sized companies to utilise technology to its fullest. So if you are looking for a company where technology is always ahead of the curve, a company that appreciates creativity and problem solving, Laini Technologies is where you want to be.


As Kenya awakens to the information age and its vitality to her economy, more and more organisations have taken a keen interest in obtaining computer equipment and software not only to assist with the office automation but largely with office management.
The importance of computer based information by organizations cannot be overstated as a means to attaining efficient and accurate information.

The software development team at Laini Technologies is a dedicated group of people with a wide range of skills and expertise in computer based activities


Laini Technologies is dedicated to enabling you realise the full strength and benefit of the computer system in your organisation. Our objectives vis-à-vis your organisation are:

  • To understand and to satisfy the information needs and requirements of your organization in financial, managerial and operational detail.
  • To provide the most efficient and comprehensive system for your organisation, either from the software available or by developing a system to suit your requirements.
  • To initiate, train and implement the use of computer based systems to achieve an efficient and effective management Information System.

Introducing our software package to your organisation inevitably institutes the following benefits:

  • Increases your organisation’s efficiency by eliminating paper work and authorisation delays.
  • Provides you with accurate information on every aspect of your business
  • Leads to smooth oiled organisational procedures and structural systems for every phase of your organisation.